Computer (Win10) 32 "calibrated screen.
Software on the PC; Lightroom, PhotoShop CC, OnOne Photo Suite, NIK, Topaz, DxO Optics Pro, QImage RIP / print application. Reikan Focal Pro for automatic camera calibration.
Skärmkalibrator, i1DisplayPro.
Professional large format printer Canon imagePROGRAF PRO 4000. Prints up to A2, or paper in rolls 44 " (111,8 cm width, several meters long). Normally there 6-7 different types of paper and canvas always in stock (Most Fine Art Paper) as well as black / white self-adhesive cutting discs for easy installation.
Flatbed scanner with the ability to scan slides and negatives.
Equipment for droplet photography, high-speed photography, etc.. Triggering the IR beam, sound or light change.
Equipment for passepartoutskärning cut length up to 80 cm. Acid-free cardboard also tend to be home.
Dahle 92 cm slitterwinder.
The storage on your external disk or fast server with its own login and large space.
Wired and wireless high-speed broadband (not ADSL).
Some 30 photo books, PhotoShop, Lightroom, data books and some photo books with pictures for inspiration.
Some editions of Fotosidan Magazine and some other photo magazines.
Miscellaneous data / video courses from the Mothership, Luminous Landscape ...
Good fluorescent lighting.
55 inch 4k screen, good resolution and good color.
Some spots with the right color temperature betraktningsbelysning.

Ideas for future devices:
Studio Lighting with opportunities to photograph everything from models to Life. It is possible to borrow / rent clothes (most women, 60-speech o forward) for photography. Watch to see a small selection.