Short about me…

Elektronic engineer and economic studies incl statistics and computer science at Uppsala University
I have been working with a lot of exiting things during the years, among others

  • Development Engineer at Volvo Penta
  • Been building computerized working places, with modern technology, for visually impared people
  • Marketing Manager on a high-tech company with roots from KTH
  • For the last 25 years I have been working in my own company as a computer consultant

I'm extremly “"knowledge hungry"” and must get to know how things are working.
Now and then I have been photographing since high school. So growing up in a darkroom with the scent of chemicals. I began to shoot digitally early. I have “converted” Canon full-frame Sony full-frame with Zeiss lens with no zoom. I photograph everything possible but often little more abstract things. I like to work with the images a little to enhance the feeling, but it must not become overly.

In recent years I have realized the value of being able to get a good print. “The best photo is printed!” Today it is possible to get an incredibly good quality and lifespan from a better pigment printer. Being able to print on fine art paper and canvas also provides that little extra.