Cost of printing with your own printer

Having your own printer is obviously convenient, but expensive. had a test and review of photo / MFPs with calculating your cost. We tested seven different printers with price from 560 $ to 3.200 kr. The average ink cost to print an A4 photo was 7.30 kr. Added to this is the cost of capital. Say you buy a printer for the average cost 2.000 dollars and using it for two years. If you print 500 prints per year, the cost of capital 2 kr/A4. 500 output per year is perhaps a good deal? Do you write a daily cost of capital becomes barely 3 kr/A4.

OK, Printing cost is thus at around tian per A4 + paper costs! Total between 15 and 30 SEK depending on how good the paper you use. Cheaper printers also have a different type of ink with poorer quality and shorter life.