The difference between paper is huge!

There are many manufacturers of Fine Art paper, but the big own paper mills Canson and Hahnemühle. Canson has been producing paper in the 450 years of photo paper 150 year. Artists such as Degas, Ingres, Picasso, Matisse and Warhol also used paper from Canson. No other paper has such a combination of tradition and quality.

A fine Fine Art paper of high class get the best out of a good picture. Ideally, you do not have glass in front. Then, remove the nice properties of the paper or canvasduken. If you need to protect your works, I offer ready-made frames with museeglas from Nielsen Design.

Fine Art papper:

Canson Baryta Prestige 340 g
Baryta Prestige is a mixture of acid free alpha-cellulose and cotton with a coating of natural barium sulphate. Just like the old darkroom papers were in the area. Thanks to its extremely high Dmax and exceptional gray tones * suitable Baryta Prestige sharp black-and-white photos, but also for printing color photos. This paper is my absolute favorite and suits those who want the highest quality in terms of blacks and details.
Hardly a coincidence that this paper was named the best inkjet photo of TIPA 2017.

Canson Rag Photographique 310 g
Rag Photographique has an extra smooth surface that gives the paper a very pleasant velvety texture. One of the highest Dmax * for this type of oxygen-free paper without optical brighteners. 100 % cotton Art- and paper are classified museum. The paper has an exceptional smooth white tone thanks to the addition of natural minerals, developed to meet the need of fine art papers and longevity of digital printing. Rag Photographique is museeklassat. This paper also provides the highest achievable Dmax * available on the market. Suitable for printing art design and photography, both black / white as color.
Also available in duplex 210 g for printing photo books and portfolios.

Canson Edition Etching Rag 310 g
Museeklassat artist paper with smooth texture reminiscent of authentic etching- and graphic paper. The paper has the finest white tone available on the market and reproduces deep black prints with excellent image sharpness and optimum color graduation. Suitable for pressures of detail work, color photographs, landscapes and black / white portraits. The same properties that Rag Photographique but with more structure. The surface can be a little more forgiving.

Canson PrintMaKing Rag 310 g
Traditionally, mold-made graphic paper 100% bomullsbas without addition of optical brighteners. This is an especially fine art paper that highlights your work in a prestigious way. The surface has a structure that the old craft art paper.

Canson Watercolor Rag 310g
Is a paper Get prints that remind watercolor paintings. Perfect for so called Giclee pressure at reproduction of artwork painted watercolor. Canson Aquarelle Rag is a measure Fine Art paper with vigorous structure. The structure allows your printed photos will come out of the paper and gives really nice effects, for example, abstract images. Aquarelle Rag has a warm, white tone and is free of optical brighteners.

Good standard photo paper:

Canson Photo Luster Premium RC 310 g
a classic 310 gram semigloss photo paper. It is made up of alpha-cellulose and is acid-free. The surface is similar to the one
familiar from the usual standard photo paper and barytapapper. It can be used for many different types of conventional photo prints. The surface is very similar to Baryta Prestige but a little whiter. This paper won the year 2015 a TIPA award for the paper. Suitable for both black / white and color photographs.

Canson Photosatin Premium RC 270g
Another good standard paper with a smoother surface than Luster Premium. It is made up of alpha-cellulose and is acid-free. The surface is similar to the one familiar from standard plain paper and barytapapper.
It can be used for many different types of conventional photo prints. Good if you want a semi-gloss paper, but with less glare.

Canson Imaging Matte 180 g
Universally, high resolution photo paper that reproduces colors in a good way. Recommended for photos and posters with matt surface. Works well for laminating.

Life Expectancy

The durability with Canon's LUCIA PRO-ink system, and paper quality is very good. It takes between 50 and 200 year, depending on how the image is framed, assembled and stored before noticeable color change occurs.

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* Dmax describes the darkest black (measured as optical density) that a printer can produce a paper or can perform. A matte paper have significantly lower D max than a semigloss. Contrast The area is often four times higher in a semigloss.