Color Space

Do you have a good SLR should you shoot in RAW format. Most modern SLR cameras have a color depth of 12-14 bits. To take advantage of this momentum, you should select the best color space in the whole process. When you take the image into råkonverteraren select any AdobeRGB. Also choose to work with 16 bits / channel. If you want to display the image on the web or a worse monitor may sRGB as 8 bits / channel range. For a good printing, color space always AdobeRGB. Väljer du färgrymd i kameran gäller den bara för jpeg.

Om du använder råformat kan också välja välja ProPhoto RGB som är en större färgrymd. Detta val kräver mer djupgående kunskap annars kan det bli fel vid utskrift. Läs mer på The Luminous Lanscape.

Color handling various steps

The first and foremost is always to assess and process images on a good display. With a good display means besides quality that it can show a good color space, i.e. preferably AdobeRGB. The screen should also be calibrated to display colors properly. Ett bra kalibreringsverktyg är för att kalibrera skärmen är viktigt. Are the colors on screen are wrong of course everything else wrong. If you look at a picture during fault conditions do you simply not know how the image looks like in reality!

Look at the printed image

For a printed image to be viewed properly, it must be shown under controlled lighting conditions. If you look at a picture of the common incandescent light, the colors are quite different than if you look at it under fluorescent light. What is the right proofing illumination?